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merge notes on ipad pro

filip m.


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On 13/12/2017 at 8:46 PM, DTLow said:

I'm not aware of the "promise"; can you point me to the reference

Does it matter if you are "aware"? If you want EN to be truly "usable" across all devices then basic functions like merge and note book to pdf should be available ...before spending time on "handwriting recognition" etc. Get the basics right first.

There was an application available in the App Store called merge ever or move ever that did the trick but it seems to have gone.

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5 hours ago, rob24hrs said:

Does it matter if you are "aware"? If you want EN to be truly "usable" across all devices then basic functions like merge .... <favourite features>

I added my vote to the request.  I do want Evernote to more useable across all devices

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On 2018-01-10 at 12:06 AM, rob24hrs said:

before spending time on "handwriting recognition" etc. Get the basics right first.


11 minutes ago, stocky2605 said:

handwriting recognition is one of my most important basics. So, it depends what is „basic“. 


I was wondering how handwriting became part of this conversation.  From way back, Evernote offered handwriting as part of its OCR search indexing, but I've see no indication this is being expanded.  Maybe another one of those promises.

I use external editors for handwriting recognition; for example GoodNotes on my iPad.  I also use Myscript Stylus, an alternate keyboardb

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Hi guys, tried it myself. Bottom line: Multiple note selection with iOS devices is possible. But NO merge available.


One can select several notes in the iOS app. Select the first, wait a bit, move it a little (it „lifts“) and hold it, then take another finger and select more. This will create a bundle of selected notes. AWSOME (just a function of iOS, has nothing to do with EN).

But you can do nothing with the note stack created, and it will fall apart once you lift your first selection finger. The picking is iOS, but the EN app has no functionality to move on. Why ?

This is because you do not select the notes, but just the previews loaded into the iOS client. The notes will only load when you select ONE ( 1 ) and open it in the righthand Part of the App. Another click on an attachment, and then it will start to load. When you move to another note, the content of this first one is forgotten on the mobile client, so even if it was there, it is gone in an instant.

This is even true if the whole notebook is declared as „offline“ and loaded to the iPad locally.

So this is the current status of the issue with the mobile apps.

On the desktop clients, one can pick several notes and handle this selection. Not only for merging, but for tagging, reminding, deleting etc. as well. This operation is completely performed on the local database each desktop client holds. When it is done, the result is synced into the EN cloud. This means that even when the internet connection may have hiccups, the result will always be valid and syncable to all copies. Because the mobile apps lack the local database, it would merge / retag / .... in the cloud, risking a inconsistency as consequence.

So far why it is as it is. And yes, I have voted in favor of this request. My iPad Pro has more than enough flash memory to hold a local copy of my EN database, and I would like to take advantage of it ASAP.

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