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notes didn't sync then all deleted

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I had evernote on my phone under googlemail before it became gmail. I then wanted to put on my Windows pc. Downloaded onto windows and ZERO notes or notebooks (used my gmail account which automatically should have synced to googlemail one that created the account). Looked at my phone and they're there. Deleted app of phone and pc again and reinstalled and re-logged in, now both have ZERO notes and still sync yet it's empty. This happened last night and the CHAT for some reason is still unavailable. I'm on a basic account but have probably 75-100 notes in there over the last 4 years or so.

I need a solution. I've checked the trash but it's EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY. I had the newest app on my phone befoere deleting it and logging back in. I don't want to revoke my old access as that I feel is recoverable by the team to use those notes. But nothing and no one on twitter is helping. Really stuck, really want back my years of notes.

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Syncing is     phone <> server <> computer

So, regardless of what you're doing with your devices, the master version of your data is preserved on the servers
You can verify this using the web platform (www.evernote.com)

My suspicion is that you;'ve accidently created a new account
Make sure you're using the correct userid/pasword

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I had to set a new password because I forgot it but I really didn't create a new account. I tried to log in with the googlemail but it wouldn t work.

I need a contact email for evermore to get into it. I've tweeted them but no response.

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