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shortcut for default search within the current notebook



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11 hours ago, cduong13 said:


I want a new shortcut, like "shift+cmd+F" to search within the current notebook, instead of choosing from a Search drop-down list, which is slower than shortcut.



Use a text expander like PhraseExpress or AutoHotKey to create your own shortcuts.

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19 minutes ago, cduong13 said:


Evernote macOS app does not expose a “Menu item” for “Search within current notebook, so you cannot create your custom shortcut for it.

Okay.  Don't know if it makes a difference, but there are mouse position controls within PhraseExpress.  I use these for managing reminders, which also don't have hotkeys and are drop down only access.  In conjunction with a mouse position utility to determine the coordinates.


Copy of change reminder data phrase below, for a two screen set up with EN always full screen on the right.  Alt-2 is the hotkey I use.  YMMV.

  • Click on alarm clock      Click on Change Date
  • {#mouseposition -x 3280 -y 100}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON}{#mouseposition -x 0 -y 124 -rel}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON}
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