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(Archived) The Preview.evernote monster...stuck in offline mode

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Hi, I have recently upgraded to Evernote 3 beta, and I must say, well done indeed. However, there are a few kinks to be worked, understandably since this is in beta. However, my problem isn't to much with the software as with the new web storage at preview.evernote. Somehow, the information in the online storage and my local client fell out of sync and I started running into sync errors. Part of the symptoms of this problem is that evernote would create new blank tags (it registered as or something similar for items that were moved while working offline). In an attempt to remedy this problem, I erased all the information in the web storage in hopes that the local evernote client would write the information to the web storage. However, the local client was instead edited by the the web storage and as a result tags and notes were erased from the local client. I have restored the local information, but am now permanently stuck in offline mode for fear of losing my data being overwritten by the web storage sync again.

I think the best way to fix this problem would be to reset the web stoage to import from my local client, just like when I first created my account. However, I am at a loss of how to do this. Any one have any ideas? I'm pretty sure I will need to contact the admin of the web storage to reset the online account, but aside from this forum and the "Product Feedback' feature, I don't know how to go about it.



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I _think_ (and this is a guess) that if you went about it the opposite way that you're going, you would have better luck...

What I mean is this... Evernote wants the online notebooks to be the "source", so deleting your LOCAL (sync'd) notebook and re-synching with Evernote should pull down the notebook from their servers to your local machine again. (I've had to do so dozens of times already). Trying to go the other way (from local to online) doesn't seem to be the 'preferred' method.

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What's the size of your database file? I can do this for you, as we have internal means to trick the service to get the data from a local database as the 'new' data, so it will be recreated on the server. PM me for further instructions.

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