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where is my presentation mode

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hey I have a question I just got my premium like in the last 2 or 3 hours I got in because I =can use the evernote presentastion mode for me it is a big deal its a deal braker, however I just cant seem to find the button to use the presentation mode!

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5 minutes ago, kalvin24 said:

hey thank you bu that I s my ptoblerm there is no button like that any of my notes or notebook. I got the premium and its on a windows 10 loptap.

The screenshot was from my Mac which seemed appropriate for the Mac forum

I'll move the discussion to the Windows Forum where you'll get a better answer


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Look under the Note menu item and you should see Present and Present on Another Screen as Options.  Also, click the drop down next to Info on the individual note menu and you should see Present there as well.  Finally, if the icon that DTLow showed is not on your toolbar, you can customize the toolbar and add it.

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