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Note contents vanished

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My problems with Evernote have come to a head. I have long had a problem with rich text and as I am now Apple only I was in the process of moving all my notes to Pages [and had discontinued my paid sub to Evernote.

My biggest note was hugely inflated by dozens of conflicts [to the extent that when I last looked on my iPad it said it was too big to open, and then opened it].

I was copying and pasting it bit by bit into Pages leaving out the duplicates, which was most of it. However every time I tried to select or copy Evernote would hang, sometimes for up to 24 hours [you can tell how patient I am]. Last night I thought I'd cut and paste all that remained into Pages and sort it all out there without the hangs and this morning it was still hanging from last night.

At some point today I must have typed just the letter 'e' when the cursor was over Evernote and now 'e' is all I have left. I was staggered to find that still, after all these years, cmd-z does not work [despite it being a menu-bar command ],so I am stuffed, unless anyone knows a way round this problem.

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12 minutes ago, csbc said:

At some point today I must have typed just the letter 'e' when the cursor was over Evernote and now 'e' is all I have left.

It's happened to me as well.  To recover the lost content, I have personal backups.  Also, Evernote has a Note History backup.

Access to the Note History backup data is a paid feature, but you can subscribe for a single month

Sorry, no solution to the iPad hanging problem, other than switching to the web platform (www.evernote.com) and using the desktop site.  


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Thanks for that, I seem to remember it from before.

I'd have a personal backup if Evernote had performed properly! Seem like blackmail on their part, you pay them to restore something that should be restorable for free with one keystroke. I've tried had to think of one and I can't think of any other app, paid for or free, that has no undo. Seems odd to have to pay for a restore when all it contains are conflicts [due to the weirdness of Evernote, I've not had it with any other 'sharing' app] and may not reveal anything I don't already have.

I'll be glad to see the back of it when I've extracted all my other notes.

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