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Pasted text is smaller than it should be

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Dear Evernote team,

I have a very frustrating problem with copy/paste. Whenever I paste text in the Evernote app (even if it's copied from the same note) it pastes as a smaller font. What is more, I cannot change the font to the proper size!

This is extremely frustrating, as it sends the formatting wild. Attached is a screenshot, notice that the selected text should be the same size as the text underneath.

The same thing happens when pasting without formatting (CTRL+SHIFT+V).



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I have/had the same problem. It's caused by the default font size and the windows display settings. In my case I had 125 % scale in Windows (10), and a default font size in Evernote of 10 px. In my case, changing the default font size to 11 px fixes the problem of pasted text.

See the following thread for problems with font size 10 px: 

Problems with font size 10



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