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NEW BUG: Images can no longer reliably be dragged to the Desktop



I catalog a lot of images in Evernote, and I frequently have to drag a given image from Evernote to the desktop for further processing. I've done this for years and, Evernote's frustrating way of handling images aside, dragging images to the desktop has never been an issue.

Until now.

For the last few weeks, I now have to drag an image at least 3—and as many as 10—times before the image actually appears on the desktop. The unsuccessful attempts result in the placement of a generic, white text clipping on the desktop, instead of the image I dragged. So, I routinely end up with 3, 6, or 9 of these text clippings on my desktop before the identical dragging action finally results in the actual image appearing there.

I've seen this behavior on both a MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.13.1) and a Mac Pro (running macOS 10.11.6). At the moment, both are running Evernote 6.13.1 Beta 1, but I always update as soon as new builds are released, and I've been experiencing this for several weeks, perhaps even a month or two, so the behavior did not start with this build. (I'm simply finally getting around to reporting this, after putting up with it for some time. I kept thinking it was so "obvious" as to be addressed in an upcoming build, but no...)

Please, please address this. It's excruciating.

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