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¿Listas de control?



Escribo al equipo de Evernote para proponeros una mejora en vuestros sistemas que creo que es muy útil a la hora de ordenar tu lista de tareas y control.
Os propongo crear un tipo de nota "control list" en la que al crear notas con "check" para confirmar que has hecho una tarea, una vez que esté marcada, desaparezca o quede tachada y solo la puedas ver activando una opción de tareas completadas. También sería práctico poder mover las tareas para poder organizarlas por prioridad. Un sistema parecido al que tiene Asana o google keep.
Espero que podáis incluirlo para mejorar la utilidad de Evernote. Estoy a vuestra disposición si necesitáis alguna explicación.
Un saludo,
Sergio Soriano.
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Evernote has a checkbox (ToDo) feature, but only allows checked/unchecked; no strikethrough or disappearing.

My preference is to use separate notes for eack task.  I can then control which tasks appear in the list; all, completed, non-completed, due, overdue, current, priority, project, ...

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7 hours ago, Ssoriano said:
I write to the Evernote team to propose an improvement in your systems that I think is very useful when it comes to ordering your list of tasks and control.
I propose to create a type of note "control list" in which to create notes with "check" to confirm that you have done a task, once it is checked, disappears or is crossed out and you can only see activating a choice of completed tasks . It would also be practical to be able to move the tasks so that they can be organized by priority. A system similar to the one that has Asana or google keep.
I hope you can include it to improve the usability of Evernote. I am at your disposal if you need any explanation.
Sergio Soriano

EN does not have a task management system per se.  In the meantime you can use the reminder function with saved searches to do what you want to do.  My saved searches as an example as to how I manage tasks.


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