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Thousands of lost notes after updating software

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I use Evernote Version 6.13 (455673 Direct) on a Mac (with Sierra). A few days ago, I updated my Evernote version as proposed by the software. Since then, I can't reach thousands of notes.

What I still have: very old notes (from 2009 to 2012) and new notes created since updating Evernote.

What I dont have anymore: notes after 2012 til the day of update. About 5000-6000 notes...

What still works: On my other device (a Windows one) and on the web, I still have my complete set of notes. Furthermore, syncing works correctly for new notes, both way.

What I tried: reinstalling on the Mac (with no better result) and looking in the docs (I couldn't find a description of this issue).

Maybe someone could give me a hint to get back the missing notes on my Mac?





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