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(Archived) Entering Todo checkboxes as list

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Just a quick suggestion for the developers, how about making an aditional list format where items are automatically setup with a checkbox. This seems more useful than manually putting the check box infront of each line item.



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I agree -- this is a great idea. Checkboxes almost always appear as a list, so it makes sense that you can create them quickly.

The programming rule could be simple: if the current line starts with a checkbox and the user presses return (even in the middle of the line), insert a checkbox at the beginning of the new line. If the user then doesn't want it, they just press backspace to delete it.

This would be sooooo useful!

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Also think this would be a great idea. I would also like check boxes to have three status'—empty/unchecked, ticked/completed and also crossed/canceled as often items on the to-do lists are canceled for one reason or another and I would like to be able to track this. Currently I replace the check box with [x] but having it in the Evernote would be much nicer IMO.



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Yes, you can make feature requests here; if your request is specific to a specific Evernote client, then please make it in that sub-forum.

Yes, Evernote employees read all posts. They may not always reply, nor do they typically make promises that a particular feature will be implemented, or when, but they do read 'em all.


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For what it's worth, there's a product called Nimbulist for the iPhone and iPad which is a dedicated sort of checklist creator for Evernote. I've been using it for grocery lists and quick to-dos.

I don't believe it's in Trunk, but it's available in the App Store.

- Barry

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I am a premium member and use the checkbox feature daily. I work in sales and often create a checkbox list of items that needs to entered into our ordering system. It's really a pain when I have to go back and put checkboxes in front of each item I need to order and then check it off after I enter it. I think it should be a pretty simple enhancement and act like another list option; bullet, number, and how about checkboxes?

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