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(Archived) Kind of a review - trying to be constructive

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Thanks for the chance to test the beta version. I gave V3 a fair chance, I think, using it for 5 days although I wasn't really happy from the start. I continued to use it for a while because I know it sometimes takes some getting used to new handling of things, but sadly, it didn't grow on me. Back to 2.2 now. Here are my reasons (I know some of these have been expressed in other threads, but I'm trying to keep it concise):

- Web synchronization: Nice, but please make it optional per notebook. No matter how safe those servers are, there is data I just don't want "out of my hands". It's nice to be able to put some things out on the web, private or public, but not this kind of ALL OR NOTHING approach. I was perfectly happy with the desktop/mobile synchronization, I don't want to need to do it through a server.

- Data storage: I really don't understand why we cannot change the data location any more. I am testing a lot of software (part of my job), and need to reinstall windows quite frequently. To make this easier, I am trying to keep personal data separate from the system partition. I do not want important data in "My Documents".

- Notebooks/Categories/Tagging: While it's nice to have several "notebooks" open and the additional "tagging" feature, I miss the category handling from the old version a lot. Especially the now missing crossover section was really helpful. Also the search categories. It was much more helpful having them in synch with the normal categories. Please bring them back, it can't be that hard! And what about the icons? Visual orientation was so much faster than actually having to read the category names.

- Templates. While I never got around to write my own, I really liked using the existing ones. Addresses and Lists are helpful, being able to calculate makes the program special.

When I started to use evernote, it quickly became one of the most important tools on my computer. I got it through "Giveaway of the day" and soon after bought the mobile version. It took a little effort to learn how to work with notebooks and categories, but once I grabbed the concept, I didn't want to miss the possibilities. Now I'm a little concerned that the programmers are in danger of streamlining it to death. Making it easy to use for "everyone", but giving up on the unique features in the process. There are many "information collectors" out there, it doesn't make sense to turn evernote into "just another one".

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I'd second the template issue and data storage choices. I suspect both of these would be added to future builds because in the case of data storage location, that's pretty much a programming standard.

In the case of templates, it's hard for me to picture that Evernote would give up forever the ability for us to create fancy To-Do lists, Pre-formatted documents and spreadsheets that we have so long grown to depend on. But that's just my two cents with a little bit of hope thrown in. :D

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I sure hope you're right. I've kind of lost my optimism in 10 years of using computers & software... don't get me wrong, many programs have changed for the better, but just as many have been "optimized to death".

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