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Trouble with the Most Recent Update (6/26/17)

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I had been occupied with the death of someone close to me and I lost track of use of only 2 free Evernote accounts per person, erc.  I noticed a note appearing on my Desktop which reminded me of all of these things; and it said to click there to update Evernote for Desktop.  So I did and in a short while, it jammed saying that it couldn't find the final folder in the path holding evernote.exe or perhaps evernote.msi.  I tried over and over as it suggested because it might help.  I even sought help from the Microsoft Forums. No one could tell me how to write a proper path to a proper folder. So I went  to Evernote on the web,for the first time (Stupid Me) and the newest note was from Evernote telling me to click on this giant link https://www.evernote.com/shard/s224/nl/26324946/c966d551-e829-4a7a-88e9-a48f8eba199d?title=Move the Path  to solve my problems. It couldn't, at the end because it said it was invalid.  I suspect it had just aged out of usefulness.  I believe both want an evernote.msi file. 


Can someone please help me ???  Explain how to write a path on Windows 10???  I can't understand what happened to my original path.


Greg Dolecki


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15 minutes ago, StLouisMan2 said:

I lost track of use of only 2 free Evernote accounts per person

Sorry for your loss

Hopefully a windows user will get back to you on the update problem.  Otherwise, my process would be to start fresh with a clean install.

The free account issue was a limit of two simultaneous devices and not related to software updates

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