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Unable to Port Notebooks or Move Notebooks to new Business Test Account to Validate Functionality

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Initially I tried this in Personal Edition but not available and I don't yet know if it is available in Business edition as of yet because I first wanted (assumed) I could export all my content and that content is divided to Notebooks.  Each Notebook is an area of specific research.  If I'm researching Microsoft Server 2016 and SCCM that would be different than Exchange 2016.  Those are two notebooks.  If I share one or the other with others it needs to be related just to those specific topics and not have any notes of anything unrelated.  Lot of notebooks, lot of shares.

I have concluded that you simply cannot create a Stack and share the stack and let the team choose.  I'm hoping Business Edition will do this otherwise it has no value for me beyond me.  I cannot use it as a archive/KB/collections of information by relative topic and keywords.  

If I'm missing something I'll post in feature request.  Now, I opened the Business account assuming I could export my content.  I downloaded latest Windows build.  Exported the content.  Logged off, back on as Business account ID, imported the content and none of the Notebooks or Stacks imported.  Just hundreds of notes (just started using the product).  

I read a KB article about then logging to Web as my personal account and performing a "Move" notebook option that doesn't exist for me.  Is this a upgrade?  Because at this point I would, like to share what I've build in the test environment and port that to the Business account, not have to create 50 Notebooks and move all that content around.  

I have not been using the tool very long but I have created a lot of notebooks and lot of content that once shown to management would demonstrate my point versus what we are using today.

Knowledge is power.  Organized knowledge quickly found, in technology, power and bonus check.

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or simply state what I'm trying to do cannot be done and I'll first test the ability in Business edition to share out Top Level notebooks that are high level like "Exchange" and then under that Category I need Exchange_Security, Exchange_2016, Exchange_Online.... Just minor examples but some technologies get very fragmented.

Like "Two Factor", then notebooks under that for specific technologies from Google or other.

This combined with the ability to save PDF's and have everyone aggregate there research to a single structure is the value for my team right now.  And I'm sure there is much more.

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