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(Archived) How I am using Evernote

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I have had a box in my basement with 8 plastic boxes of Daytimer booklets that span 1984-1991. I have always wanted to some way to add them to my diary. I did manually enter a few months one time into the last program I was using (TheJournal) but it was time consuming.

Since becoming a premium Evernote user and having so much space to use 500mb, I have had to start looking for ways to use some of this storage.

After getting all of my important papers into Evernote, I was looking thru my basement and found the box of Daytimers that I have been saving.

Using my ScanSnap scanner I entered 5 years of books, 12x5=60 books last night alone.

It is so nice to be able to easily view the pages without having to pull out the boxes and now I am able to see my diary much easier.

I started scanning each book as a pdf file so that the files were nice and neat about a week ago. Then I tried doing some searches.

Last night I started scanning each book first as a pdf and then as jpeg.

I just use a box cutter to cut the wire binding off.

After scanning 2 books I decided to just scan all as jpeg files. This lets me see the pages easier, Evernote can ocr the page and I can search with evernote and not have to open the pdf file.

Also I can add text to the image within Evernote for more accurate searches when my hand writting is not so good.

This is another reason I have converted from




to Evernote for my place for everything.

I had a project set up when I was searching for a place to keep everything, the title of the project is Place for Everything.

This is Evernote.

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pwwroa, I used Daytimers for many years, too. I'll have to see if I still have the books, so I can do what you did. :) I'm still in the process of adding my previous electronic journals/notes into EN from Daynotez & some Word documents. But I never thought about the Daytimer books.

BTW, I added your post to my list of posts where people talk about how they use EN. There have been a few threads started, but they never seem to "take off", which surprises me.

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