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(Archived) How do I protect a notebook with a password?

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I use Evernote on my Mac and my iPhone. I have two notebooks. One containing all kinds of notes like shopping lists, cute dogs I've seen, good wines I've tasted. I occasionally want to share some notes with my husband.

Then I have another notebook that I call journal. It contains very private information. I would like to protect only that one with a password. When you want to open that notebook on my phone or computer - I want you to have to enter a password. Is this possible?

I googled it and read strange articles about encryption. I don't understand. Plain English please.

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You cannot add a pin or password to any flavor of Evernote nor is the EN database that resides on your desktop computer encrypted, unless you use third party software. I don't know the inner workings of Macs, but my EN database is on an encrypted drive on my PC and the EN app on my iPhone has a pin I've added with the Lockdown app.

Encryption is plain English. It can be intimidating at first but as far as implementing & using it, it's really very simple. If you are going to store sensitive information on a computer, encryption needs to be a part of your vocabulary, just as "tuneup" & "oil change" are part of being a responsible car owner.

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Thank you both.

OK, so I'll learn encryption. I will download the lockdown app for my phone. But how do I encrypt all my notes on my mac?

And - if I choose to share a note with my someone, will they then be able to access only that note or will they somehow be able to access other (more sensitive) notes as well?

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