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14 minutes ago, TonyDehnke said:

How is this still not available in MacOS 4 years later?

It's been available for years (I believe) with the old app, which is now the legacy app if I'm thinking of the right thing. If you have the legacy app installed you should still see it as an option.

Not sure when or if it's coming to v10.



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It is still not available, even not in 10.24.

Workarounds are to use the „Open with …“ option in the right click menu. Another is to place an import folder on the Macs desktop, and drop files on it.

In any case the share option should be returned !

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There are 3 options on the Mac that all do the same job:

  1. Right click, Open with … creates a new note, complete with title and attached content. Same as sharing
  2. Make an import folder (mine is right on the Macs desktop), drop any file on it. Does the same, but you can specify the notebook for the import folder. You can even have several import folders, one for each notebook.
  3. When in the Fotos app, instead of „Open with …“ use „Edit with …“. Does the same, creates a new note with the picture attached

So even if there is no official sharing option, there are ways that do share things into EN.

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I've been using computers since the days of CP/M.   Yes--the 1980's.  I have never seen software that DROPS important functions each time it upgrades.  I would hope the new owners would have made some sort of outreach to those currently paying for this, but considering the silence, I suspect that they will be following the path of many corporate raiders....buy the company, break it up, sell off the profits, encrypt our data and make it non-transferable, then shut down Evernote and require large sums for us to get our own data.


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27 minutes ago, Ryq G said:

shut down Evernote and require large sums for us to get our own data.

If we are playing that game my first computer was a Sinclair zx80.......in 1980...data was back up onto tapes....= better back up your data before armageddon  happens and look for an alternative

......oh wait there isn't an alternative that has the search capabilities and the longevity of EN available at the moment.

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