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On 11/9/2017 at 10:44 PM, grahampcharles said:

Sorry, i should have worded that better.  Please — may we have our tags be more prominent?

Would love to see this as well. One might create a small space underneath where it shows the name of the notebook to show the first few tags, then provide a control that lets you expand that area to show all of the tags. See attached mockup that I created. 

An alternative could be that the entire info panel be made available by swiping into the note from the right edge of the screen (I've noticed that Evernote for iOS doesn't use many of the screen gestures that are available in iOS. I think using those gestures could really improve the usability of the app a lot!).

I also think it would be great to show the date of the note right on the note editing screen as well (also in mockup). You could change which date shows up (created vs modified) by tapping the date. Perhaps a long tap and hold could be used to bring up the date and time changer. Or you could have a small button to the right of the date that you tap to change the date. 

tag view.png

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