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Copy (Ctr-C) appends a carriage return - can we stop it ?

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I am constantly copying text values from my notes using the Windows Desktop Edition, and in recent times, I believe it has started adding a carriage return to the copied text.

This is very frustrating because when you paste the content the Carriage return may or may not be apparent and may or may not affect the result. So you may need to use backspace to delete it, or not.

Could we have an option to disable appending the carriage return ?
Or alternately, my preference would be simply don't alter the paste buffer at all, and simply copy what is selected.

I'm fairly sure this is new behaviour in last few months, because I haven't noticed it over the past few years.



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This has been happening in all versions after 6.16.4 and I've pointed it out for every new version since then. Hence I am still running 6.14.4. I see it with a "Paste and Match Style" though where a couple of extra returns are put into the text.  It really makes the cut/paste operation into a cut/paste/now-fix-it operation and takes forever to correct if there's a lot to do. The 6.20.1 beta was the first time anybody acknowledged the issue and I'm expecting version  99.99.9 (or some version thereabouts) will cure it. Forgive me if I seem a tad cynical, but new "features" have a higher priority than ancient "bugs".


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I haven't been troubled by this, but I thought I'd look into it a bit. After two minutes of extensive testing :D, I find the following:

  • My clipboard manager (ClipCache) shows two forms of a text clip being copied to the clipboard: RTF, which is pretty much plain text, and HTML, which is fully formatted.
  • If a text selection does not extend to the end of a paragraph, no carriage return is added at the end when I paste into Microsoft Word, no matter how I paste.
  • If a text selection does extend all the way to the end of a paragraph (but not past it to the next line), when I paste into MS Word the results vary as follows.
    • If, when pasting, I select Keep Source Formatting or Merge Formatting, a carriage return is appended to the end of the clip.
    • If I select Keep Text Only, no carriage return is appended.

NB only Keep Source Formatting retains the full formatting (font, highlighting, etc.) of the selected text, but it does append the carriage return.

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