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Scrolling and scroll bar issues



Can we please get real scroll bars back? You know, the wider ones with an arrow button at the top and an arrow button at the bottom. (I'm talking about vertical scroll bars, in the text entry panel.) Recently the scroll bars got "modernized" or something, which may look pretty but is much less usable.

If I have a big note and want to scroll a line or a few lines at a time, the missing up and down buttons would make this trivially easy. Without them, I can only scroll a page at a time and it's hard to do this near the beginning or end of a note because the space above or below the little light-gray rectangle "handle" is minuscule. That, and the facts that light gray has poor contrast with the rest of the bar (and this rest of the bar, being white, has no contrast at all with the note text panel background), and the width of the scroll bar has also been reduced, means quite a bit of mouse-position fiddling and mistaken clicks. The original Windows kind of scroll bars are fine, and need no "improvement." Give us back reasonable, easy-to-use scroll bars, please.

This may be a good place to also mention mouse-wheel scrolling, because the problem with mouse-wheel scrolling exacerbates the problem with the vertical scroll bars. For many years, perhaps since I started using EN in 2011, mouse-wheel scrolling has been broken. Simply put, I have my mouse wheel set in Windows to scroll one page at a time (one page per click of the wheel). In EN, one click of the wheel scrolls more than one page (maybe about a page and half), so it skips over some text each time. This means I can't use mouse-wheel scrolling as a workaround for the problems with the scroll bar. Mouse-wheel scrolling works correctly with web browsers or other programs like MS Word, so it's an EN issue, not a system issue. EN please fix it.

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