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Header Printing Dissappeared!



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What I don't get is that you'd expect all these incessant updates to actually be improvements.

There seems to be a recurring problem here and pattern, dating not just a few weeks with Evernote but years.

You put out an update, the device notifies the user, so naturally a person updates it thinking the update is to be an improvement than the current version, but you fix (1) feature to only create problems with (3) more...

It's like every update, not just a few, you guys keep taking one step forward and three steps back.

I don't understand how small things can be missed.

Like in the recent update to Evernote 6.13.1 on my Macbook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.1 for example, I just tried to print a note and it refuses to print the title, regardless if the "print headers" option is selected or not.

Like who actually thought that was a useful thing to forcefully have users adapt to?

It's beyond ridiculous...

I really think the R and D team seems to miss some of the most obvious and simple things, pay attention guys, because it's irritating and agitating and after enough time myself like my other users I hear complain (both personal friends and work colleagues) people just have enough, get tired of the hassles, and just leave the platform altogether and don't have good things to say.

This isn't just the issue this frustration applies to, re-read all the threads from countless other people over the years, some of the decisions and adjustments you guys make doesn't make any sense, and in fact just frustrates your users, think a little more on the actual practicality of things before applying them is all I ask.

I know you don't want that but someone needs to step in and apply more supervision because there's so many little things that I and many agree just seem careless and incompetent to miss. 

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Same problem for me. Am running Version 6.13.1 (455785 Direct). I will attach original (good) and current (buggy) PDF versions.

I generate a PDF version of a note to share with my University students by just exporting to PDF to evernote then injecting the file after renaming into the original note. Up to now, the PDF title was the title of the PDF document. Oddly enough, this has stopped working. I would have expected that upon printing an Evernote document, the title would be part of the printout.

The Autonomous Car by Roland Gesthuizen -2015- Space Tank Studio.pdf

The Autonomous Car by Roland Gesthuizen -2015- Space Tank Studio (current buggy ver).pdf

*** Edit: Fixed with upgrade to Version 6.13.3 ***

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20 minutes ago, ajdimac said:

For now I am reverting back to the previous version of the software until the next stable update.

That's a good plan, and my solution when I encounter a bug or feature change I can't work around

I don't know about "stable update", but we're told the header issue is fixed in v6.13.2

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5 minutes ago, richardonthego said:

How do you revert back to the previous update? I am on Mac OS 10.13.2. I would love to revert.

Here's a link to my process for reverting to previous versions


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I'm using Version 7.2.1. My headers will not print! I cannot find an option to change this. The note above said this problem was resolved in Version 6.13.3, but it does not work in my previous version.  instead, I'm constantly copying and pasting text to Word, and typing the header in before printing. Exasperating!

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