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New Evernote Web Resize Note List



hi, i use evernote web, firefox 56.0.1 (64-bit), linux centOs 7. After I have run a search, in the search result pane only small portion of note titles is displayed (see the pic attached). I need to be able to increase the area with search results so that I can see the titles in full or at least greater fraction of it. This is possible in the Windows client, but unfortunately impossible in the New Evernote Web.
please do.


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I have to admit; I'm surprised this hasn't had more traction.

I am (kind of was) a religious, long time user of the Windows Client.  I utilize the "Side List / Top List" option a lot to be able to see "Lists" of notes - to see all related notes; to use the list as a To Do list; to see an overview of the notebook.

Now, at my new job, I don't have access to the Windows Client and have been using the Web Client.  The fixed size of the note list is a real hindrance.  I'd love to see this thought about some more.

Thanks as always!

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