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What is with remove formatting and simplify formatting not working?

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Anyone else having trouble removing formatting from websites text imported into evernote via simplified article in chrome, not able to remove formatting of the text very easily? I used to be able to highlight the text and hit remove formatting and it would default to no bold regular text size, not anymore, now it's an effort of backspacing above it and carriage returns and all kinds of fooling around until the website's formatting of the text is removed.

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ME TOO! It's driving me bananas! I use Evernote for lots of things, but primarily as a recipe organization tool. I am no longer able to copy text from the web (also using Chrome) without it making a gigantic mess. The remove and simplify commands used to work great...now a bunch of text insists on being 15 pts bold, with weird paragraph spacing, and I can't for the life of me get rid of it. It's making it almost unusable for me. Evernote formatting never works particularly well for me, but this is ridiculous. 

I'm really, really hoping this gets fixed soon...or at least someone is able to let us know how to work around it. 

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Just wanted to add my voice to this request. Using the web-based Evernote interface, I find it impossible to eliminate weird formatting and paragraph spacing when pasting items copied from the web. Is there something I'm missing or can this be a feature they can add to the web interface? 

And for those who would reply "just use the app / installed program / etc." I purposefully only use the web-based program because I'm normally on computers I don't own and thus don't want to keep my information stored or accessible on those computers.  

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This is my second time to submit a ticket. The first reply had nothing to do with my problem, so I'm guessing it was robo answered. The clipper will not accept my formatting (font, size, etc.) that I have set up. Now it is not clipping to the desktop of Evernote that I am clipping on!! It goes to my iPad app but not to the desktop. HELP PLEASE!! Evernote used to be my favorite app and most useful . . . it is now turning into one that I hate!!

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I guess I'm glad to know it's not just me.  I used to be able to un-format text with just a click in the little symbol on the far right, but it stopped working a couple of month ago.  WHAT'S HAPPENING EVERNOTE!!    I used that function a LOT!!

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Simply Formatting has been getting worse and worse for years. It started WAY back in the major revision from v4 to v5

I've attached 3 screenshots

  • the first 2 were used to report the issue years ago (2013?), but I was never able to get a meaningful response
  • the 3rd is the most recent version

As we're all seeing, it has gotten much worse - to the point where it doesn't seem to work at all (no simplification of formatting at all)

v4.6.7.8409 (which was exactly what I want):


v5.0.2.1392 (worse, but I could live with it):


v6.11.2.7027 (hideous and virtually useless):


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