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Email from Evernote disappearing



Hello Everyone

Did Evernote make is even harder and more annoying to email notes? It used to be direct email from the note, after they pushed it to to Note - More Sharing-EMail at least you were able to do it with one step, now its Notes to Sharing then you have to click on the More Sharing on the bottom left and then you have to select email. Is this going to get worse? 

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Hi.  In Windows it's Share and Send a Copy.  Not aware that Evernote is actively trying to make it harder,  but their design choices sometimes defy logic - if you can locate the release thread for whichever version of Evernote you're using,  try commenting there that you'd like a one click solution to sending notes as emails...  maybe it will make it into a future version.  I'll move this into a votable forum so anyone who agrees with that can add a vote at top left.

Edit:  Just found another post with the same comment and deleted it - please don't post twice.

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