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(Archived) Replacement for eWallet?

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I've used eWallet for years but it does not sync that well with the iPhone and I also have a Droid which there is no version for. Since Evernote seems to work on just about everything and is a great app for notes I thought it might be good for other stuff.

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So how do you handle that? Do you just have one note called "Passwords" and it is just a long list of stuff or do you have a different note for each item? Did you build a special template to make this easier? I'm really interested because I think Evernote might be a better way to go for me.

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I copy and paste whatever info is provided on-screen. Sometimes need to type it myself, of course. I make sure the 1st line is descriptive so it serves as the note title too.

I leave the user name as-is, encrypt the password.

I tag it "login" because that's faster to search/type than "registration"

I do this for bank login, software keys, forum logins, etc. etc. Used to put them in their own notebook but like almost everyone; the longer you use Evernote, the more you tag and the less notebooks you have :)

So today if I would need to login here I'd type: evernote tag:login -- double click the encrypted part and away I go.

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the longer you use Evernote, the more you tag and the less notebooks you have :)

Agreed. And depending upon the situation, I may not even tag the notes b/c the search is so good. I archive all my old emails & rarely tag them. I do have a separate notebook for work emails. But all the others go into one notebook. If I'm looking for a particular email from someone, I just go to the notebook (or search all & use the word 'subject' as a search term b/c the word 'subject' is in every archived email) and type in the person's name (if it's fairly uncommon & is in the email) or a unique part of their email address. Any additional words they may have used in the email that I can remember help refine that search even more. I just glanced at my "Miscellaneous" notebook. It has 695 notes in it & about half have no tags at all. I have another notebook for tips, notations & settings for taking footage from our camcorder, editing & rendering the footage, authoring the DVD (creating the menus, skips, chapters, etc) & then burning it all to a DVD. 72 notes in that notebook & none of them have tags assigned. (But then I am very good at making descriptive titles & adding in keywords.) Alternatively, I could create a tag with the same name as the notebook, assign that tag to the notes, move them into the miscellaneous notebook & delete the camcorder tips notebook. :D

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I tag on the principal that it's easier to remove tags from hundreds of notes than add them down the line :D

Also true. I end up looking at the tag list & finding tags with one or two notes assigned. Most of those end up really not needing the tags, so they get removed. :)

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