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Why does evernote want to connect to tealiumiq?

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I installed the latest update ( Version 6.13 –455673 Direct) for MacOS and noticed Evernote attempts to connect to tealiumiq upon startup.  I know that tealiumiq is used for "tag management" and advertising.  

Can you please answer:

  1. Why exactly does Evernote want to attempt to tealiumiq's servers,
  2. is this connection necessary for the application and service to function properly,
  3. what data is sent to tealiumiq,
  4. how long is this information stored at tealiumiq,
  5. is it shared with any other organization, and
  6. is it used to advertise or market to users in any way?

Thank you.

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Hi.  Good question.  User forum here,  so under-the-hood stuff is kind've out of our range.  You might get a response from one of the devs as and when someone reads this thread,  but I'd suggest you contact the Support team on https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a paying customer,  or Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not.

When you get any more information on this we'd appreciate an update here,  if you don't mind..  :)

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I also recognized this access request from my network monitoring tool, right after I installed the newest version. I blocked that access request - Evernote works like before.

I opened a ticket with the Evernote support - I will update my post here.

Thank you.


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I blocked it and the only issue is that Evernote crashes every time I quit the app (Mac OS).

I received a response from Sophie / Evernote Support on Nov 13, 11:04 PST:


Nov 13, 11:04 PST

Hi there,

Thank you for following up with me.

I've provided some additional information to help answer your questions.

The information is used to help improve our application. You can see an answer from one of our developer's to a similar question here:


For more details regarding the extent to which any affiliate or third party may have access to your account information or Content, please see our Privacy Policy:

Lastly, I've also CC'd my manager, Adrienne, on this thread if you have any additional questions.


Sophie U.


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