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I recently had to reinstall my computer and then Evernote.
Since I've done that I have a synchornization issue. It seems to go up to the end, according to the log.

As a result :

- The log tells Synchornization error
- The Synchro icon shows an error
- The Shortcuts are not synchronized.

This is my second computer. Everything goes well on the first one.

Here are the last few lines from the log file :

18:43:25 [INFO   ] [10192] [3100] 100% Submitting a batch of 311 note calls, size=214 KB
18:43:59 [INFO   ] [10192] [17896] 100% Submitting a batch of 373 note calls, size=473 KB
18:44:01 [INFO   ] [10192] [15976] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
18:44:01 [INFO   ] [10192] [15976] * elapsed time: 8m 16s
18:44:01 [INFO   ] [10192] [15976] * 294 items received
18:44:31 [INFO   ] [10192] [7152] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2017/11/01 18:30:00

I tried to reinstall Evernote with no better success. I also tried various fixes (from Ctrl-Help menu) on the first computer, but no changes.

Any idea of what I can do to fix that problem?

Thank you.



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8 minutes ago, Emphyrio said:

and no shortcuts.

Is missing shortcuts the only issue?59fb1428c94de_ScreenShot2017-11-02at05_47_16.png.ebbe28ffbf0377d966b302058375060f.png

My experience is with Macs, and the shortcut list is a per-machine option

You originally reported "The Synchro icon shows an error".  Is this still an issue?

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Not sure. Everything seems to be there but the shortcuts. And yes, the synchro icon still shows an error.

Shortcuts synchro is checked in my settings. And don't forget that I am actually reinstalling a machine on which Evernote used to work perfectly before.

And anyway, I still get an error, so something seems to go wrong...

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  • Evernote Staff*

@Emphyrio are you able to see the shortcuts on Evernote Web: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action

Try these steps to complete the sync on Evernote for Windows Desktop:

  1. Press the CTRL key and click the Help option from the File menu  (Ctrl+Help)
  2. Disable the Enable HTTP Request Batching"option
  3. Select File>Exit
  4. Reopen Evernote  and select the sync icon

Shortcuts are one of the last items to sync down on Evernote for Windows Desktop. Let us know if the shortcuts are visible on the web and/or Evernote for Windows Desktop. 

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  • Evernote Staff*

Glad to hear that this option worked! Disabling the option reduces the amount of notes the client tries to download from the service at once. Sometimes, depending on the content of the notes, the batch of notes is too large to download and triggers a sync failure. Now that the sync has complete, you can enable it again. 

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