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Renamed Office Attachments Revert to Original Filename

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Hi folks,
If I change the filename of an Microsoft Office attachment and then make an edit to it, the file name reverts back to the original filename from when it was first added to the note. For example, if I attach an Excel file named Test v1.xls and then later rename it to, say, Test v2.xls, when I make a subsequent edit to the spreadsheet (by opening it from within the note using Excel and saving), the attachment filename reverts back to Text v1.xls.
I have tested with a text file attachment without seeing the issue which suggests that it is confined to Microsoft Office attachments only.
I am running the latest version of Evernote for Mac and have tried logging out of the application and logging back in to no avail. I have also tested this on my other Mac where I am also using Evernote for Mac and confirm exactly the same issue exists (so it does not appear to be local computer configuration issue).
I was wondering if anyone has observed this issue and can offer any suggestions for a fix please. Thanks.
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