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Is it still possible to clip directly to local notebook in 2017?


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I appologise for my bad language, but I can't find more appropriate words.

!$)*$)(*#%WHJ (Bad words about Evernote). Too many information in Evernote. If I could, I would replace this @$#@(%* software.

Earlier in Firefox web-clipper there was possibility to clip directly to local notebook. How can I do it now???  I understand that you need money for eating bread, drinking tea, etc, but this is basic functionality. I have PC, I have browser, I have NAS with Evernote Database, all in one place, why should I send clips into my database thorough @$@(% servers??? Extra fee for extra functionality - this is what I can understand. 

If the answer on my qustion is - no, I can't, then do you understand, that you put your clients to doggystyle position, and tell them "pay or f### off"???

If you could only know, how many problems your software creates for me in theese latter days.

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54 minutes ago, usver said:

clip directly to local notebook

Which platforms are you using, and where are your local notebooks located
I have a local notebook on my Mac Mini computer
I'm usually working on other computers, or my iPad; I don't see a way to access my local notebook
I also don't see how this is a money situation.  The web clipper is available to all account levels

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Windows OS, local notebooks are on my HDD (C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases).

About money situation - you have no choice except using fully cloud working. As you use ONLY cloud (this is the only way to get all your notebooks working on both platforms: Mac and PC), so sooner or later you will run out of your limit and you will pay for extending of your limit.

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6 minutes ago, usver said:

sooner or later you will run out of your limit and you will pay for extending of your limit.

Now I understand your point of view

You can avoid using the web clipper.  There are other methods to collect your web data

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Just now, usver said:

If you could share those methods, I would say a big thanks to you.

I'm on a Mac, so I can't be that helpful

You can print the web page to pdf, and import the pdf to Evernote
You can also do screen grabs of the web page

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I am about to use Evernote on Mac Os. The only problem now is - how to move all my offline notepads to Mac OS without cloud syncing.

So, your advices may be very helpful. Thank you. 

Pdf - good way, but too complex (many actions), no way to easily edit such article.

Screen grabs - very good way, I use it for pictures. But grabbing the full page is impossible. No way of editing too...

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Hmm, yeah. As you so aggressively put, companies should really forget profits and do everything for free.

Hey, I have an idea that will please your DIY heart. Request an Evernote developers key, learn the API, and roll your own clipper. You could also roll your own cross-platform sync tool.

There, fixed it.

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I have found using snagit (with a capture preset to dropbox) as my capture tool and then dragging my png files into a note or notes in my local notebook works well.

OCR still works as expected. I can search my web images for text very with 99% confidence that I am getting all the results.

I don't know what OCR program EN uses or whether it is a home grown version but I do see it is very accurate.



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