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Not really a new subject, but I revisit occasionally to see if anyone has a solution. I've tried every combination of settings in sync options, but no matter what, if I go to Evernote (Windows app), the sync icon starts spinning, and I'm pretty much hosed until it stops.Get (Not Responding) and I wait. Also get it  Doesn't matter if I last synced 10 minutes or 10 hours ago. Currently, I have everything unchecked except On Demand sync. I've also tried everything unchecked except Sync on Exit, and every other option. 

Like many of us, I have a ton of stuff stored there and I'm usually in a hurry to find something. 

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5 hours ago, dbvirago said:

Thanks. Maybe I'll try that. I do want it to sync a few times a day. Don't understand the various sync options if it's going to ignore them



Yeah, I typically don't have slow downs, but when I do it tends to be a result of doing some extensive editing on a note.  I used this hack and created a second 5 minute version.  Works like a charm, fully turns off any sync activity until the timer runs out or you type a letter in the window.  I use it once or twice a week.  Hats off to the creator of the hack.

Personal opinion, EN is executing more syncs to try and avoid conflicting note issues through a more current server version of the data base.  I've noticed that when I email a note to EN a sync on the client will start withing 30 seconds no matter when the last sync occurred.

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Yeah, I just don't understand why I can't set it to sync when it's convenient to me. All sync options are now turned off and it started syncing as soon as the window is active. I leave it running 24/7, so having it sync in the background, at night, or any other option would be preferable. It's like the program is say, "I've been sitting here doing nothing for 4 hours, but he wants to do something, so I guess I'll sync now."

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Not sure what is going on, and I haven't tested it fully. However, I went to my Evernote program folder and right-clicked on each of the executables in turn. I didn't write down which ones, but some of them showed that they were in compatibility mode for Windows 8, while others were running normally. I know Windows 8 had some problems, so I turned those off. It may be my imagination, but it seems like the app is behaving much better... Would appreciate a few others checking it out, and Evernote explaining why the program installs in compatibility mode.

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