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Is there a possibility to draw within the note

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15 hours ago, Ornot said:

Onenote has an option to draw something that works like Paint. Is there anything like that in Evernote?

Some platforms (IOS) have a sketch option, but the end result is an image that can be inserted anywhere in a note.  As @jefito said, use Paint or any editor you like and create the image file

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9 hours ago, Ornot said:

This is so bad :(

I love making arrows in the text, handwrite on the margin.

yes. Evernote is, lets say, a line based editor. The advantage is, if you insert new lines tHe whole content moves.

In OneNote you can paint everywhre, yes, I love it - but, that painting is not linked with your text. If you insert new text (new lines) then you loose the „connection“ between the text and your painting, in your case the arrow points to nirwana or at least to a different target.

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