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I am an old and avid user of evernote. i have thousands of notes mainly written text. I would like to ask you if i can using the apple pencil making notes highlight stuff and do sketsches i want in an old written note so that i add things i am intersted in. I want to be able to draw whatever i want in a text note anywhere in the screen using the apple pencil. Is that possible?

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On 2017-10-29 at 4:54 AM, housetemple said:

I want to be able to draw whatever i want in a text note anywhere in the screen using the apple pencil. Is that possible?

There is no annotation feature for text content
Annotation works on images of pdfs; you can convert your note to a pdf
You can insert a sketch within text content

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I am trying to annotate .pdfs in Evernote for iOS using an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro.  When I try to write using the pen tool, it continually ""snaps to shape" my handwriting and won't accept my strokes as written.  I use evernote for work and often mark up contracts and other documents, and so being able to write on .pdfs with some degree of precision is a critical function for me.  I now have to use iAnnotate to mark up .pdfs and then import into Evernote, which kind of defeats the purpose, so I am considering switching to OneNote, which isn't perfect but doesn't have this problem.  Please let me know if there's a way to stop this from happening. I have found the "snap to shape" setting and turned it off, which doesn't help the issue.  Thank you.

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Just trying to highlight text in note with the apple pen seems a nightmare where you have to keep selecting highlight color for every selection- cumbersome and counterintuitive 

do you have any solution ? 

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You are posting in a thread that was abandoned for 4 years. It was started when the old clients were the current ones. You see how this subforum is titled.

Since October 2020 we have new clients. Please open a new thread in the subforum for the current clients.

And just to mention it: The new mobile clients are not optimized for pencil use. Annotation of pdfs works pretty well (except zoom is still broken on iPads), note annotation is not made with a pencil in mind.

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