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How to exclude Skitch notes from search results

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I use Skitch often and the annotated images are stored in a skitch notebook which is fine, but when searching these random images pollute the search results and make it hard to find what I want. Is there a way to exclude Skitch Images from the search?

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Hi.  AFAIK it's not possible to set up a generic search default.  You could use scripting or a text-expander app to insert that phrase at the cursor point if you wish,  or you could move your Skitch-attached notes into one Stack and exclude the stack,  but that requires a similar search phrase and may not be feasible anyway.

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36 minutes ago, cribhacker said:

Thanks, I guess I'll have to do that or delete all the skitch notes and back them up somewhere else. Its really annoying that the search finds these images when they have nothing to do with the search term.

Not so much Skitch, but I also have a problem with search returning too many false hits

I have better results with intile: searches

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