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(Archived) Evernote as a tool for writers

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I love Evernote. I used Google docs before I switched to Evernote. I found that having a desktop version of the software installed on a computer is a very powerful feature. I can write without Internet access and then sync my writing with the on-line version and all computers in the house. Of course, there are options I would like to have...

1. I would love to be able to add subnotes to my notes. And even be able to insert notes into the note field.

2. I would love to have more formatting options, especially for tables.

I understand that this is not Everwrite software... but still :o Word count, brain storming... maybe we can have a plug-in just for writers?

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I agree. I'm a freelance writer always gathering research material for projects. I'd like to use EN more for this but I'm still finding that MS OneNote is a better place to organise my ideas. If EN had a few more formatting options (especially highlighting - please!) and sub-pages, as suggested, it might finally tear me away from OneNote.

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