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Formatting text around or beside an image



Call it "wrap text", call it "image free-placement", call it whatever, this is the single most frustrating thing with Evernote. As a user for 5 years (most of which premium), I feel like I'm entitled to say that!

OneNote makes it so easy to organize and annotate screenshots/images. Take a look at the screenshot of the user post in the link below. Looks like pretty simple (and NEAT) formatting but in Evernote it's not possible without editing in MS word first.


For 5+ years we've been told the "workaround" (acknowledgement that it's a problem) is to create note in MS word, or create a table and then copy/paste the images into the table. Please fix this problem.


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Hi.  A 'workaround' isn't any form of acknowledgement that a problem exists,  particularly since most (if not all) of those suggestions come from other users - this being a (mostly) user-supported forum.  The Evernote editor doesn't -yet- include much in the way of formatting,  other than tables and various text sizes colors and styles.  Being unable to wrap text around images is just one of the many paragraph and page layout tools Evernote lacks.  They may have plans to 'improve' the editor - I actually hope they don't.  Imagine all the menus and options of MSWord (or your word processor of choice) being added to the menus in Evernote.  Imagine the nightmare of mobile users trying to negotiate a multi-level menu to edit a page.

Meantime,  just like I use Excel when I want to create a spreadsheet,  Outlook to send my emails,  and MS Publisher to create a newsletter,  I'm happy to use Word for any heavy lifting in the document creation area.  Word files can easily be embedded in a note so I can print or edit them anywhere,  and I can also copy/ paste the content into a note if I need to.

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On 2017-10-26 at 2:40 AM, Georshaw said:

Call it "wrap text", call it "image free-placement", call it whatever, this is the single most frustrating thing with Evernote.

I'm sure other users will claim other "single most frustrating thing" :)

You need to pick the editor that provides the features you need.  The Evernote editor is adequate for basic notes but I use a dedicated word processing editor to get the text wrap feature

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A workaround is a problem by definition, but I digress. Use of MS word or a third-party programme to make your notes look more presentable may be preferable in your view, but not in mine. Differences of opinion are part and parcel of a forum.

If there is concern about cluttering of menus on the mobile format (which I don't see an issue - their recently updated mobile font, list and paragraph options are hardly over-intrusive), you can have an advanced formatting toggle, but what I'm suggesting doesn't even need a format button.

The OneNote style of text input (which more suitably imitates how you would use an actual notebook) means you can click/press anywhere one the page to input text and the invisible text box makes placement/positioning effortless. It would be a nice option to have in Evernote in my opinion, especially to win over more of the OneNote crowd who are used to note-making in that way.

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Hi, I've read the arguments in favor and against. 

However, it seems to me that adding a small box on the image (à la Word) would be a simple solution without cluttering Evernote. Clicking on the small box, I'd like that the text be wrapped around the image (square) and be able to choose : left, right, both).

I hope moving the image would be possible.

Thanks to the Evernote team

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8 minutes ago, Dadoo said:

adding a small box on the image (à la Word) would be a simple solution without cluttering Evernote

Hi.  A two-column table will do pretty much the same thing - merge the columns above and below the row your picture occupies and it's - almost - the same thing.  But making changes to an editor which has to work across multiple devices and operating systems is never "a simple solution"...

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