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is it possible to search for a note with its GUID?

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Is it possible to search for a note with its GUID in Evernote Mac or Evernote web? As I saw there's an error message ([EDAMBatchingNoteStoreClient enumerateContentForNotes:andResources: withAuthenticationToken :usingBlock:failureBlock:]) in the Activity Log window, which only shows the note GUID, but not the note title. I also searched for that GUID in my ~/Library folder, but no such note/folder presents. I just wonder which note is related to that error message. Thank you!

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You can assemble the in-app link using the guid.  Use a sample note to identify the parameters; for my data, it’s evernote:///view/<userid>/s10/<guid>/<guid>/

If you’re willing to get technical, you can access  the database using the guid.  For example, I use a script to retrieve the note folder from the  database (SELECT ZLOCALUUID FROM ZenNote where ZGUID = '<guid>‘)

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