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Ability to zoom with mouse wheel gone in current Evernote Beta??

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Zooming with ctrl + mouse wheel was working very well (was requested, and then implemented - see the bottom of this discussion): 

 I've been away from Evernote for a few weeks and I have just notices that in the latest Beta that I have running, using the mouse wheel for zooming no longer works.

Wanted to make sure that I am not the only one seeing this, and ask if Evernote is planning to fix this? Is zoom still working as before in the latest non-beta relase?

 Im on windows 7 if that makes any difference.


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I'm on the current Beta2 and it certainly seems like zoom is no longer available.  (I'm remembering this as Ctrl+mouse wheel if that's correct.)

In fact Ctrl+mouse wheel does something rather weird to the PDF display and the scroll bar...


It's best to raise this sort of thing in the release thread where the devs are watching - I'll post a link there for possible comment.


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I´m using the  version but, the Zoom In or Out with the mouse wheel is impossible. 

I´ve reported the issue at the end of March Ticket# 2437803 but the bug still remains. 

I uninstalled and installed again the program but it was useless.

The temporary solution I´ve got was to use Ctrl plus " - " or " + " key. 

When some have a well typing speed this issue becomes frustrating.

I´ll really appreciate any advice on this matter. 



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5 hours ago, hdlineage said:

Is there an explanation to why this feature is still missing?

It's ...rare... for any software company to explain itself to users,  largely because any explanation tends to prompt further questions and argument.  That either ties up coders (whose time is far better spent actually updating and fixing the software) in trying to explain why the feature is delayed or impractical,  and then defending the situation or decision against more user argument and demands;  or,  if the company doesn't continue the exchange, continues the complaints that the company doesn't listen,  and/ or doesn't care.

5 hours ago, hdlineage said:

Ctrl with +/- sign is just not intuitive at all.

Actually I've been used to doing that for ages,  but when I searched for confirmation that it's a windows standard shortcut I see that Windows 10 uses Win key and "+/-" for its 'magnifier' feature.  Trying that myself dropped me into a situation where a black magnifier window was stuck to my cursor and I couldn't close it - or select any menu options - without a restart.  Cost me a good 30 minutes.  Up to you if you want to try it - best of luck if you want to give it a shot.

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