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Clipboard & Font on Evernote Android

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Everything's good, except the one and only Evernote Android thing that drives me nuts: Clipboard is inaccessible in the note making, unless you access it somewhere else, like, in the note title field. Evernote used to support this thing. Why would Evernote remove this? It's been a long time, and I decided to write this because I'm so fed up with doing this inefficient exercise: Wandering back and forth only to access and edit my recent contents of the clipboard, which contains way too much of copies to paste. Not to mention, those copies mostly have its font styles, meanwhile Evernote Android has no font styles, nor sizes. I know both Evernote Microsoft and Web are flawless, but does Evernote really expect us to carry PC everywhere we go? I wanted to write a feedback to Evernote, but Evernote has no contact for feedbacks. 



There's one more good example of different font styles and sizes on Evernote Android, but these attachments, already reached the upload limit, so bear with me.


Thank you.


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Hello, @Zahr, and welcome to the forums! The request for clipboard access has been made in the past (by me; see https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/97006-request-access-to-full-android-clipboard/). In the discussion that followed, I realized that the problem arose from the fact that the new editor introduced in v. 7.8.2 of the Android app, as I was told by an EN employee, uses an embedded version of Chrome for Android. This is why it can't (at least not yet) access the clipboard, as most other Android apps can. (I.e., it's ultimately Google's fault, like most things.:P) As you've noticed, this is not true of the note title area, which uses a different editor. That is also the case with the quick note editor that can be accessed from the pull-down notification area. (Access to this can be turned on in the Evernote app in Settings > Notifications.) When I need to access the clipboard, I create a note using that editor (which is otherwise quite limited). The note can then be modified (including moved to a notebook other than the default) in the regular app.

WRT to fonts, sizes, and styles, this is also a long-standing request. You could go to this thread and click the upward-pointing arrow at the top to vote it up:


Also this one on pasting:


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