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How to disable thumbnail view of note list?

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Hello, I am not sure if this is a new feature or I accidentally changed some setting but I am now seeing the list of notes in each notebook as a bunch of thumbnails of note content rather than a list. This is a terrible change for me -- I am quite thoughtful about the titles I give to notes (sometimes choosing rather long but informative titles) and now those titles are drastically shortened and completely lost among the mess of thumbnails.

The list was clean and elegant, the thumbnail view makes Evernote look more like the Quick Memo app on my Android phone... Very hard to use for me.

How to turn thumbnail view and revert to list view? I looked for a setting under Tools --> Options --> Note --> Note View Options but I can't see anything relevant to thumbnails.

Can someone help? Will really appreciate.  

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1 hour ago, michal_miaskiewicz said:

I hope this variety of views stays in Evernote forever as different people have different needs...

This variety of views has been a part of Evernote Windows for 6 years or more...

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