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Sync issues with patchy wifif

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Hi guys! I've been having some trouble with spotty internet connection as of late (i.e. goes out for 30 seconds, is back, a minute, is back etc.) I primarily use Evernote Web as I am often pasting in screenshots and pictures. The issue is that when my wifi drops and then comes back evernote deletes everything I did whilst the wifi was out - I think this is because it constantly syncs, and when wifi is restored it goes back to the last sync? Is there a way to turn off continue sync, so it only happens when I want it to? I've lost a lot of university notes in the last few days and have had to retype things. I do have premium but that doesn't seem to be any help. I know I could just use evernote on my desktop but then I have to go back and add all my pictures later - which is sort of pointless, and I much prefer the web aesthetic. Thanks! 

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Hi.  If you're using the web access on a patchy wifi connection then I'm afraid there's not much you can do in Evernote.  For security reasons an app in a browser wrapper has very little access to anything other than temporary storage on your local device that is managed by the browser. 

If you have another word processor you can use to draft your notes and add your pictures,  then you could work in that and just attach the file(s) to a note so they're available on any device that has a WP able to read those files. 

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