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Time to enter the modern Windows era



Hey Evernote,

Windows 10 has been around for a while.  My wife works at a major US bank and even they are reimaging laptops to use Windows 10.  There is an huge installed base of Windows laptops that have touch screens.  Every app I have on my laptop supports touch – except Evernote.  I accidentally try to scroll an Evernote window from time to time and swear silently.  One thing I've always liked about Evernote is "it just works".  Nothing fancy, it just does its job.  But not in this area.  Surely it isn't that hard to figure out.

The other thing that drives me a little batty is that when I type a word that is spelled correctly but isn't in your dictionary, the little underline doesn't disappear after I add it to the dictionary.  Every other app, including the web editor and browser (Chrome) I'm now using on your web site, does this correctly.  

I'll give you a real time example.  Above I used the word "reimaging".  As I type, both instances of this word are underlined in red.  I will now right-click and on the first instance, add it to the dictionary, and see what happens.  [Pause]  The underline in the first instance went away immediately.  The underline in the second instance went away a couple of seconds later.

That's the way Evernote should work IMHO.

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