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List of notes in "All Notes" View in iOS app should show the Notebook name




In the Evernote Mobile app on my iOS I regularly work from the "All Notes" view because my notes are recent projects.  
Each Notebook is the name of a project. 

When I scan the list of notes it'd be awesome if the note could show the Notebook name on the top right.  Then I can easily know the topic (e.g. project) for the note. 

See attached for what I mean. 



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14 minutes ago, rkapurple said:

And a variation on this theme...suggest bringing back ‘’view all notes in this stack’ for customers wanting to work in the same way as ‘all notes’ but in a particular stack. 

Not cool to hijack another users request.  Post your own request

btw  if you add the stack to the Shortcuts you can view all notes in the stack


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2 minutes ago, rkapurple said:

I’ve added my idea to list for beta feedback too, so as a discreet request it will get dealt with there.

I am serious about posting a separate request for this.  It would have my vote

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