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Lost Evernote Clipper Connection (Chrome)

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I lost my Evernote Clipper in Chrome.  When I re-installed it several times, it has "lost" my connection to Evernote, i.e., it acts as if I never used the clipper and has none of my notebooks listed, etc.  It looks like it might have me signed in differently...  don't know how to check my log-in with Clipper to re-coordinate and retrieve my correct Clipper account.  Please help!  Thank you...

My e-mail is:  rma@robertmadler.biz.

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Thank you!  Yes, I discovered that somehow I had another account which was created 3-4 weeks ago and has been interfering with Clipper.  I deleted that "new account" (with some trepidation!) - and then all was well - back to normal...

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