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(Archived) Time & Date Format, Default View and Font Suggestions

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Evernone is great, but there are a few things missing that are essential to me and I`m not sure why they are not already available. When they are implemented I will upgrade to the premium version on a heartbeat:

1 - Option to change the time to 24 hours clock and the date to dd/mm/yy or whatever the end user prefers.

2 - Option to select the default view. I don`t like th fact that Evernote always goes back to thumbnail view, I find list view more user friendly for day to day usage.

3 - Option to select the default font type and size, so I don`t have to keep changing it every time I create a new note.

Thank you. 8)

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Thanks for the feedback, but it's helpful to say what version of our software (or web) you're using. For example, #2 seems to work fine on the web and Mac clients in my quick testing.

There are forums here for each platform, which you could use if you're giving feedback about a particular platform.

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