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Evernote crash after start, trying to sync

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since a couple of days ago, my Evernote crashes every time I start it.

I have noticed that if I turn off wifi and stay offline, Evernote starts, I can see the list of tags and notebooks, but the list of my notes is empty (I have more then 5000)

As soon as I connect to wifi evernote crashes

I have tryied uninstalling and re-installing the latest evernote. It did not help.


Any suggestion?

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Hi.  What version of Evernote do you have,  and was it obtained from the App Store or direct from Evernote.com?  A recent upgrade was (apparently) causing crashes,  and subsequent beta versions have included fixes (and possible other problems...)

Your choice would appera to be either to step back to a previous version,  or to try the beta...


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Thanks a lot for the feedback.

At the moment of the crash, I was at the latest release (not from App Store) online updated (I always stay updated).

Since I urgently needed to work with it, I ended up deleting all my local data from Application Support folder.

Currently, I am resyncing with the server and cross my finger that when done, I won't be having the same problem on startup.

If I do have the problem I will definitively try the beta and give some feedback

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