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Can't upgrade, need a copy of evernote_6.4.2.msi to perform uninstall

Miss Violet DeVille


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Problem solved!

So I had to get creative. I went to the Evernote download page (here) and right clicked on the link for "if your download doesn't start, click here" and copied the address.


I replaced the build information with the build I'm trying to get.


It was still on the CDN! Yay!

I opened the exe in 7zip as a # archive where there was a 2.msi file. I extracted that and renamed it to evernote.msi.

I then ran the install on the latest released build. And done! 


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21 minutes ago, Miss Violet DeVille said:

Thanks for the option. Is there not an archive of old builds?

You are welcome.  Got me, sorry.  I don't know if one exists or not.

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