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evernote freezes on chromebook while trying to save a note


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I use evernote on samsung chromebook plus for taking notes. I am frequently running into evernote freezing on me while trying to save a note. When I try to save a note, a window pops up with the message: "Evernote isn't responding" with three options to close, wait or send feedback. I cannot even move to other apps on the chromebook when this happens. I have to first close the app (thus losing my note) and then open other apps.

This is quite frustrating and I was wondering if this is a known issue in Evernote on chromebooks. I sent feedback to Evernote support and hoping to hear back from them.


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Hi.  There's quite a lot on the forums about 'freezing',  but nothing specific (AFAIK) for Chromebooks...  when you say you sent feedback,  do you have a ticket number for your report?  If not you may not get any direct contact on this.

If you're using the web version,  the freezes may be due to slow or intermittent connections,  which is an issue that more frequently seems to give multiple copies of notes...

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The feedback I sent is through the "feedback" option in the window that pops up when the note freezes. The feedback includes the logs as well. I didn't formally file a report. I will probably do that if this continues. 

Thanks for responding.

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11 minutes ago, hpc said:

The feedback I sent is through the "feedback" option in the window that pops up when the note freezes.

Yeah - that's for the developers handling crashes and freezes to try and work out what the system was doing when it overloaded.  Nothing goes to the actual support team from that.  :(

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