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(Archived) Turn Monthly Limit into Year Limit

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I am a premium user and I use Evernote mostly to store my classnotes. I have +600 notes and for the first time ever I used all my monthly space before the end of the "month".

The thing is: to free users, I understand the monthly based limit system but for premium users this doesn't make any sense. Since I'm paying for 1 year, I should have 6GB of space but since I don't use it all every month, at the end I can only use a small part of this.

For example, this month I need space that I didn't use the past month, space I paid for but I can't use due to your system.

This should be a neat modification and my renewed premium subscription will depend on this being implemented or not.

Keep on the good work guys.

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We implement the quota as a monthly limit partially to prevent you from accidentally using too much in the first month, and then being unable to use Evernote for the next 11 months. For example, if you set up some automated import of files into Evernote, it's pretty easy to accidentally run wild and fill up space.

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Can't you create an option when you buy the premium license? Like 500MBx12 or 6GBx1?

I understand what you mean and it makes a lot of sense. Anyway, what I said still makes sense since Premium users only have one "first month".

A good way to prevent this is to allow each premium user 6GB of online space at any time (like Dropbox does). You can fill it and then get it empty. This would prevent the problem of filling the whole space within the first month and allow users to delete unwanted notes and have the space back. I know it's a worse business model that the one you actually have but it's much more focused on the customers needs and wants ;).

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How about an option to pay a few dollars to bump the limit for the month?

Now, that's not a bad idea.

You could pay the monthly fee again ($5 isn't going to break the bank) to un-restrict you for the rest of the current calendar month, if you've already used your monthly quote. That way you can consider whether you are close enough to the end of the month to wait, or whether it would be better for you to pay again for the remainder of the current month.

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