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A frequent problem I encounter is accidentally closing Evernote when I'm trying to minimize the window as I continuously reference information while creating a record. When I accidentally close the program instead of minimizing the window, I immediately get a "syncing" message. I try to cancel that because syncing means an incomplete edit will be replicated, often with misleading information, I don't want to be synced under any circumstances until the editing is finished. However, hitting cancel on that pop-up doesn't prevent syncing, nor does it prevent closing the program. Then I see another pop-up that warns that closing the program will interrupt clipping capability. Hitting cancel there also does not prevent closing the program. Usually, I have to watch the program continue syncing a record entry that should not be synced, and then I have to restart the program, find the incomplete record I was working on, and with all that distraction of my work, I often have to spend several minutes trying to figure out where I was in the editing process, and if I can't figure out where I left off, I have to go to history, restore the state of the record from before the last edit, look up the information I was editing, and start over. In a worst-case scenario, data gets corrupted, and my limited work-time prevents me from making corrections.

I need a way to stop syncing at a moment's notice so incomplete edits can NEVER be synced because MOST of my corrupted data issues stem from premature syncing that prevents completing an edit. It is common for incomplete edits to create false information if syncing interrupts editing a record. 

I need the program to confirm that I intend to close the program. If this interferes with how others use the program, then please make this feature something that can be toggled on or off.

I need the option to disconnect the program from the internet and to work offline. Especially when I am doing research, I often need to have a lot of browser tabs open at once, and I need to minimize all other internet activity so my searches are as responsive as possible, and not bogged down by background activity such as syncing. 

If I need to close the program, it is often because I am experiencing network problems, and I need to prevent unnecessary network activity. If the program automatically syncs on closing, it defeats the purpose of closing the program or resetting the computer to stop background internet activity. 

Due to the FCC's backward action on net neutrality, I am forced to rely on a VPN to keep my ISP out of the business of snooping on my activity and inserting ads into search results that often invalidate search results while allowing them to throttle database activity. My data throughput is cut significantly if I don't use a VPN, which is especially taxing to programs like Evernote that need to sync data. PLEASE do not attempt to use Google's horribly flawed location services to verify my identity. It is relatively simple for your program to check a couple of data points from the hardware BIOS to verify that your software is running on a computer the user set up. Since my virtual location can jump continents at any time based on best bandwidth considerations, it is a problem when your clipper software suddenly requires me to re-identify myself. Further, asking me if I intend to use this "new computer" cannot result in gathering information beneficial to security, since neither my desktop computer's configuration nor its location has changed.

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