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Indenting a list item on iOS -- no tab key!

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8 hours ago, wealthychef said:

I have a numbered list in a note.  I wish to indent an item.  On my laptop, I would press the tab key.  There is no tab key on iOS.  How to indent on iOS?  

When using an external keyboard, you have access to a tab key

When using the IOS onscreen keyboard


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I used to use Evernote for all things work a few years with my old iPad 2.  I started using it again with my new iPad and was stunned that there is no tab key that is on the main page.  The way to tab is so buried that I don’t think I will be able to use this app.  It looks like from the age of this thread that there aren’t Any plans to add a tab.  Has anyone heard anything?  I am investigating alternative note taking apps and considering returning my iPad for another tablet.  The speed of my note taking is too slow with the buried tab key.

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Thanks for your quick response.  I have thought about a keyboard, but I have no problem typing on the iPad touch screen.  I also like to keep my iPad lightweight, so was not planning on adding a physical keyboard.  From my experience, I won’t use it if it gets too heavy to lug to several meetings a day.   It feels silly to get a keyboard just for the tab button.  I may just give this iPad  to my niece and go back to paper notes.  I thought what I wanted to do on it would be pretty simple.  I purchased this iPad to take notes at work using Evernote like I used to with my old iPad.  That was the reason I have it and it is not usable.  I even had a paid subscription at my last job that I worked with several colleagues on shared notes.  I tried taking notes at a couple of meetings with the buried tab key and it was very frustrating.  I started using my computer instead.  It’s such a bummer for a Christmas gift I was really looking forward to as it is so helpful with organization.  Having to click in and out of the A= slows me down because I tab constantly with the bullets feature.

Is Evernote planning to fix this in the near future?


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If you want to know, you have to ask somebody who may know. We are users ...

As I said above, if you dislike a physical keyboard, there are software keyboards that replace the preinstalled  one. Some have Tab-keys. Most will cost a little fee in the App Store. You download it and install it by the iPads settings, general, Keyboards.

Since this has nothing to do with using the app, it is up to you to decide what you want, not EN. In iOS all apps share the same keyboard, preinstalled or user defined.

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Thanks, @PinkElephant.  I have searched high and low in the app store.  It seems like all the options for another keyboard take me to piano apps and color changes for the keys.  Any search words or apps I should look for?  

Sidenote: it looks like this board is 3 years old and has over 9,000 views (higher than any other recent post) so an easy to locate tab key is obviously something that would be helpful to many people.  If anyone with a premium account hears back from support that this will be added, can they please update here?  Without premium, I cannot contact support directly.  I used to have premium, but won’t do that upgrade until there is a tab key, since I will need to buy a keyboard app to use Evernote.  

Thank you!

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24 minutes ago, What2do said:

Sidenote: it looks like this board is 3 years old and has over 9,000 views (higher than any other recent post) so an easy to locate tab key is obviously something that would be helpful to many people.

There is a request posted at note linked below    
To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion    
There's currently 17 user votes


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You could look for "Pro keyboard PC" by Raul Monterroso Cabello. It is iPad-only and mimics a PC keyboard. Another is PadKeys, which is said to work on the iPhone as well.

Since I use the German AppStore, I am not sure which of these will offer international settings to adapt the layout to your place. But both have a tab-key, among other additional keys and features.

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This is not an EN issue.

The keyboard is delivered by iOS. As posted 3 years ago (!), you need to install a 3rd party keyboard with the features you want to have.

In general 3rd party keyboards are not popular on iOS. By concept each keyboard can see, grab and share everything you type into it, including sensitive information and „hidden“ input like passwords.

I stick with the build in keyboard, privacy is simply the more important issue for me.

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